Voting Rights Restoration Assistance Form


Our office can help you get your voting rights restored. Please fill out the form below to start a constituent services ticket and someone from our staff will be in contact with you as soon as possible. Due to restrictions put on the rights restoration process by Governor Youngkin, the questions regarding court costs, fines, and restitution are necessary to help us maximize the likelihood that your rights are restored. If you have not paid all relevant costs or are unsure of what is left to be paid, our office can assist you. Given Governor Youngkin’s public statements and documents obtained by the NAACP, it is unlikely your rights will be restored if you have not paid these costs.

Have you applied to have your rights restored, either successfully or unsuccessfully?
Have you paid your court costs?
Have you paid all fines and penalties?
Have you paid all court ordered restitution?
Please give us any specific details about your situation that you would like us to know or that you think would be helpful to us.