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A Message from Delegate Glass:

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Building Public Trust:

Jackie’s unwavering focus is on trust as the cornerstone of progress in Virginia. She firmly believes trust must be nurtured from the grassroots level to foster collaborative governance.

Strengthening Families, Regardless of Their Composition:

In a post-COVID economy, Jackie recognizes the critical need to support families of all kinds. Whether caring for children, family members, or pets, she acknowledges the stress caused by housing, care, and cost of living, and she’s determined to provide the necessary assistance.

Strengthening Families, Regardless of Their Composition:

Jackie’s mission is to elevate the quality of life for every Virginian, with a particular emphasis on our young, disabled, and marginalized neighbors. Her commitment ensures that every resident benefits when we shape how we live, work, and play in Virginia.

Investing in Virginia's Values:

Jackie firmly believes our budgets, developments, and job opportunities should align with the Commonwealth values. She advocates for self-direction and local authority when possible in deciding how our tax dollars are spent within the Commonwealth.

Delegate Glass's Legislative Priorities (The 5 C's)

Care Economy

Our mission is clear and unwavering: we must invest in the care economy for a stronger Commonwealth. We believe in supporting vital sectors like healthcare, childcare, eldercare, and education to foster economic growth, create jobs, and enhance productivity. Our commitment extends to enabling all Virginians, especially women, to balance caregiving and careers, increasing workforce participation, and reducing the gender gap. We must invest in high-quality early childhood education, ultimately lowering long-term societal costs. We believe in providing peace of mind to families through increased support for eldercare services and ensuring equitable access to essential healthcare services. 

Creative Economy

Investments in the creative economy, including technology and education, are essential for Virginians. This comprehensive sector, spanning arts, design, entertainment, technology, and education, is pivotal in driving economic growth and innovation. It leads to job creation, boosts tourism, and enriches our cultural identity. When we nurture creativity, Virginia can attract talent, stimulate entrepreneurship, and create a dynamic environment that benefits artists, technologists, educators, and residents alike. 

Circular Economy

Circular economies are investments paramount for Virginia as we drive sustainability, reduce waste, and unlock economic opportunities across diverse sectors, from food to fashion to nuclear energy. We must transition to a circular model, where resources are maximally reused, recycled, and repurposed, empowering Virginia to mitigate environmental impacts, conserve precious natural resources, and curtail disposal costs.  Embracing the circular economy cultivates innovation, fosters green entrepreneurship, and fuels job creation while propelling Virginia toward a more sustainable, resilient, and prosperous future.

Crime-Aversion Economy

Developing our crime-aversion economy requires significant investment in comprehensive crime mitigation approaches, encompassing human resources and advanced technology, alongside initiatives like building vibrant neighborhoods. Safer communities attract businesses, residents, and tourists, creating a conducive environment for economic growth and prosperity. Building villages or nurturing neighborhood development further enhances social cohesion and economic stability, ultimately contributing to places where crime cannot thrive.

Coastal Resilience Economy

Virginia urgently needs to prioritize resilience-building in coastal regions vulnerable to natural disasters and climate change impacts, including rising sea levels and extreme weather events. Investing in the coastal resilience economy is vital because it protects communities, infrastructure, valuable coastal assets, and livelihoods from environmental threats while enhancing safety, bolstering economic stability, and promoting job growth. To reduce the potential for damage and disruption caused by coastal hazards, we must begin allocating resources toward infrastructure improvements, ecosystem restoration, and sustainable development practices.

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