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Are you interested in improving your soil, planting trees, and cultivating edible and native plants on your property while fighting climate change, recurrent flooding, and food insecurity?  

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Financially Support the Soil Sponge Project


With your support, we can purchase more trees and the supplies essential to make this project a success.


Our Phase 1 Project Budget is $7,200 and it runs from March through the end of June.


  1. Site Preparation – $4,000
  2. Logistics / Supplies – $1,500
  3. Marketing – $1,000
  4. Initial 400 trees – $700


Our phase two project budget is $10,000. During this part of the project, we will be investing in seasonable vegetable gardens in our community to continue addressing flooding and climate change while also combatting food insecurity. This phase runs from June through the end of October.


  1. Site Preparation – $5,000
  2. Logistics / Supplies – $2,000
  3. Grants for vegetable plants / seed starting – $2,000
  4. Marketing – $1,000

What Kind of trees are we talking about?

We believe in being as transparent as possible. Below is the actual order we placed with the Virginia Department of Forestry and the delivery date of April 3rd, 2022.

Product Quantity Price
Buttonbush, Common 1-0 (Cephalanthus occidentalis) 100 $120.00
Birch, River 1-0 (Betula nigra) 100 $120.00
Dogwood, White 1-0 (Cornus florida) 100 $125.00
Oak, Overcup 1-0 (Quercus lyrata) 100 $130.00
Subtotal: $495.00
Shipping: $173.25 via UPS
Tax: $35.42
Total: $703.67

Delivery Date: 3 April, 2023