It’s time to help re-elect Delegate Jackie Hope Glass.

So what’s the plan? Engage. Educate. Empower. Execute.

Please Join our team on one of the following projects.

Getting on the Ballot

To continue the privilege of serving as your Delegate, I must first collect 125 valid signatures to secure my place on the November 2023 ballot.

Norfolk Soil Sponge Project

Together we can build healthier soils to soak up excess stormwater like a sponge. This will help mitigate sea level rise and recurrent flooding.

Care Economy Network

Together we can increase our situational awareness and join forces to identify, analyze, and solve problems in our communities.

Norfolk Civic News

Together we can connect more people to their local government and civic organizations while educating them about what goes on in our city.

Join a Policy Work Group

Do you want to get involved in the policy making process? Register below to sign up for one of Delegate Glass’s Policy Work Groups. These groups are structured around the 14 standing committees of the Virginia House of Delegates.

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How to Follow A Bill

View the slideshow below to learn how to track bills using Virginia’s Legislative Information System, or LIS for short. You can visit the LIS page at

2021 Redistricting Overview

On December 8, 2021, The Virginia Supreme Court issued its final redistricting map for the Virginia House of Delegates.

House of Delegates Standing Committees

Learn about the 14 standing committees of the Virginia House of Delegates and what legislation has been reported out of them so far this year.

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