Custodial interrogations; false statements to a child prohibited; inauthentic replica documents.
Prohibits law-enforcement officers from making false statements or materially misrepresenting any fact prior to or during a custodial interrogation of a child to secure the cooperation, confession, or conviction of such child. The bill also prohibits law-enforcement officers from using inauthentic replica documents during a custodial interrogation to secure a person's cooperation or confession or to secure a conviction. "Inauthentic replica document" is defined by the bill as any document generated by law-enforcement officers or their agents that (i) contains a false statement, signature, seal, letterhead, or contact information or (ii) materially misrepresents any fact.



  • 01/10/23  House: Prefiled and ordered printed; offered 01/11/23 23101595D
  • 01/10/23  House: Committee Referral Pending

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