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Constituent Services

Delegate Glass currently represents the 93rd House of Delegates district. Delegate Glass’s office can help you with various government services if you live in this district.

To contact our office directly, please email deljglass@house.virginia.gov or call us at 757.472.1293.

Map of new 93rd House of Delegates District

Why We Do

Principled: Doing the Work with Integrity and Values

“I created ABC’s of governance as both a moral compass and a guiding force for action. They represent why I entered into politics. We deserve the ABCs in our political system and consider them essential in this work. They keep me grounded.”


– Delegate Jackie Hope Glass

What We Do

From the Hood to the House: Welcoming the Community Inside

First We Educate

 Empowering communities through knowledge sharing and learning, the process of education fosters understanding, skills, and awareness, driving positive change and sustainable development.

Next We Advocate

Acting as a voice for marginalized or underrepresented groups, advocating within communities promotes their needs, rights, and interests, amplifying their influence in decision-making processes.

We Celebrate Small Wins

Strengthening community bonds and unity, celebrations bring people together to recognize achievements, cultural diversity, and shared experiences, nurturing a sense of belonging and solidarity.

Then We Can Legislate

Shaping the legal framework within which communities operate, legislation ensures equity, justice, and protection for all members, fostering an environment of fairness and accountability.

Where We Focus

Empowering Individuals to Engage Fully in Life and Governance

Building Public Trust, Funding Justice:

  • Focus on trust as the cornerstone of progress in Virginia.

  • Nurture trust from the grassroots level to foster collaborative governance.

Strengthening Families, Regardless of Their Composition:

  • Recognize the critical need to support families of all kinds.

  • Provide the necessary assistance to caring for children, family members, or pets.

  • Acknowledges the stress caused by housing, care, and cost of living.

Enhancing Quality of Life for All:

  • Elevate the quality of life for every Virginian, with a particular emphasis on our young, disabled, and marginalized neighbors.

  • Ensure every resident benefits when we shape how we live, work, and play in Virginia.

Investing in Virginia's Values:

  • Advocate for budgets, developments, and job opportunities that align with the Commonwealth values.

  • Commit to community-direction and local authority when possible in deciding how our tax dollars are spent within the Commonwealth.

How We Do

Invest in Economies that Foster Growth in Education, Workforce, and Quality of Life

6 Cs to succeed in the commonwealth

Care Economy

Investing in life-altering sectors like healthcare, childcare, eldercare, and education to foster economic growth, create jobs, and enhance productivity ultimately lowering long-term societal costs while providing peace of mind to families.

Circular Economy

Circular economies are investments paramount for Virginia as we drive sustainability, reduce waste, and unlock economic opportunities across diverse sectors, from food to fashion to fusion energy.

Coastal Resilience Economy

Investing in the coastal resilience economy is vital because it protects communities, infrastructure, valuable coastal assets, and livelihoods from environmental threats while enhancing safety, bolstering economic stability, and promoting job growth.

Creative Economy

Nurturing creativity makes space for Virginia to attract talent, stimulate entrepreneurship, and create a dynamic environment that benefits artists, technologists, educators, and residents alike.

Crime-Aversion Economy

Developing our crime-aversion economy requires significant investment in comprehensive crime mitigation approaches, encompassing human resources and advanced technology, alongside initiatives like building vibrant neighborhoods ultimately contributing to places where crime cannot thrive.

Cyber Economy

Investing in Virginia's cyber economy during the fourth industrial revolution era is crucial as it enhances economic competitiveness, attracts investments, generates AI, IT and digital service jobs, diversifies sectors, fosters innovation, strengthens cybersecurity, supports education and small businesses, improves quality of life, and ensures resilience in a rapidly changing digital world.

How We Prioritize

Deep Dive Into Decisionmaking

Our 2023-24 legislation is currently in progress. Nonetheless, this 17-page document offers a comprehensive overview of my positions and 2022-23 priorities. On page 11, you can dive into my legislative principles. 

Legislative Principles Outlined:

  • Local Control
  • Housing Affordability and Protection
  • Education
  • Inflation and Cost of Living
  • Economy and Jobs
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Transportation
  • Public Health and Safety
  • Elections
  • Government Transparency
  • Military and Veterans

Housing Affordability and Protection

Housing Affordability and Protection